Holiday Order Cut-Off Dates

For Arrival by Standard Shipping(4-7 Bus. Days) Expedited Service Overnight Express
Valentine's DayFriday, February 14 Monday, February 10 Tuesday, February 11 Wednesday, February 12 Thursday, February 13
Saint Patrick's DayTuesday, March 17 Friday, March 6 Thursday, March 12 Friday, March 13 Monday, March 16
Easter DaySunday, April 12 Monday, April 6 Tuesday, April 7 Wednesday, April 8 Thursday, April 9 Friday, April 10
Mother's DaySunday, May 10 Wednesday, May 6 Thursday, May 7 Friday, May 8
Memorial DayMonday, May 25 Wednesday, May 20 Thursday, May 21 Friday, May 22
Father's DaySunday, June 21 Wednesday, June 17 Thursday, June 18 Friday, June 19
Independence DaySaturday, July 4th Wednesday, July 1 Thursday, July 2
Labor DayMonday, September 3 Monday, August 27 Tuesday, August 28 Wednesday, August 29 Thursday, August 30 Friday, August 31
Grandparents DaySunday, September 9 Monday, September 3 Tuesday, September 4 Wednesday, September 5 Thursday, September 6 Friday, September 7
HalloweenWednesday, October 31 Saturday, October 27 Sunday, October 28 Monday, October 29 Tuesday, October 30
Thanksgiving DayThursday, November 22 Saturday, November 17 Sunday, November 18 Monday, November 19 Tuesday, November 20
Hanukkah EveSunday, December 13 Friday, December 13 Tuesday, December 17 Wednesday, December 18 Thursday, December 19 Friday, December 20
ChristmasWednesday, December 25 Wednesday, December 18 Thursday, December 19 Saturday, December 21 Monday, December 23
New Year's DayTuesday, January 1 Tuesday, December 24 Thursday, December 26 Friday, December 27 Saturday, December 28

Frequently Asked Questions

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On the product detail page, enter your recipients first and last name (or select from your Address Book if you are signed in) in the area just above the Add to Cart button. Then click the “Add Another Recipient” button and enter/select your next recipient. You can add up to 10 recipients using this process. When you’ve finished click the “Add to Cart” button.

Once you have finished shopping and have clicked the “Checkout” button, you will be able to add or edit addresses for each recipient, add an optional gift card or message, and select different delivery dates for each recipient.

Alternatively, you can add a single gift to the cart and then use the “Duplicate” button which is located under the product name throughout checkout. Each click of the Duplicate button adds the same gift for a different recipient. Click the button once for each new recipient, then you can update the address, gift message and delivery date. NOTE: The Duplicate button will duplicate the quantity as well, so you may want to update the quantity to 1 and then duplicate it.

There are many ways to order with us—just choose the way that works best for you.

  1. Shop the Harry and David, Wolferman’s, or StockYards websites to see our full assortment and find the perfect gifts.
  2. Browse one of our digital catalogs (Harry and David,Wolferman’s, or StockYards) and click on a gift that interests you. The gift webpage will then load and you will be able to add that gift to your cart.
  3. Flip through one of our amazing print catalogs. Once you’ve found the perfect gift, you can use your web browser to go to,, or to order.
  4. You can also call customer service at 1-877-322-1200 to speak to one of our wonderful customer service representatives who will help you place an order.
  5. Enter and submit your order into our Excel Order Form here.
  6. You can also use our order form to order by mail. Send it to:

    Harry and David
    P.O. Box 712
    Medford, OR 97501-0712
    Click here to download a printable version of our order form.
  7. Fax orders can be placed at 1-800-648-6640.
  8. TTD

Windows Users:
Our site works best with Internet Explorer 8.x or above, or Firefox 32.x or above, or Chrome 32.x or above. Some features may not work properly if you are using a different browser, and checkout will not be possible.

Macintosh Users:
If you are using Mac OS X 10.8 or above, you may use Apple’s Safari browser. Otherwise, you may need to use a browser such as Firefox or Chrome to receive advertised discounts and complete your shopping.

In order to use the Website, your Web browser must be set to accept cookies. To set your browser to accept cookies, look under “Preferences” or “Options” in your browser.

In order to use the Website, your Web browser must be configured to use JavaScript. To set your browser to use JavaScript, look under “Preferences” or “Options” in your browser.

Pop-Up Windows:
Our site uses pop-up windows to enhance your shopping experience. Please turn off any software that disables such windows, so that you will be able to shop.


Sign in and go to "Your Account". Select "My Email Preferences" from the list on the left

Yes. Harry and David maintains PCI compliance to incorporate today's highest safety standards during every payment transaction. Whether shopping online or at a Harry and David store, you can shop in confidence knowing we have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you.

The security symbols on our site help identify our security.

During checkout, you will know you're on a secured page when the URL begins with HTTPS. The "s" stands for "secure" For example: For more information, read our Privacy Policy.

Gift List

Yes. Click the trash can/remove button to the right of the recipient's name.

You can change a recipient's address by clicking the "Edit address" button under the recipient's information.

Click on the “Add Recipients” button. Here you can choose an address from your address book, or enter your new recipient’s information into the fields on the right. Click “Add Recipient” to finish.

On the Gift List page scroll down to the recipient that you would like to send the same gift to and click on the “Add to Cart” button under the section titled “Send Same Gift”.

Yes. Scroll to the recipient you wish to purchase for and click on the “Enter Item Number” button. A window will appear and you will be able to enter the item number and add the gift to your cart for your recipient.

The Shop the Site feature is accessible by clicking on the “Shop the Site” button located on your gift list page under each of your recipient’s information.

Shop the Site is a Gift List feature that allows you to make selections from all of our products and add them to your gift list for a specific recipient. This is very helpful if you don’t want to send the same gift you sent last year, and are not interested in our recommendations.

After clicking on the “Shop the Site” button you will be taken to our home page where you can browse product offerings.

When you review a product page, your Gift List recipient will be filled in and you can add that product to your Cart for that person.

We are sorry the gift is no longer available. The good news is we have designed the gift list to make it easy for you to find another amazing gift. To find another gift you have many options, you can select the product we show as the “Closest Match”, select one of our recommended products, order by entering an item number, or shop the site.

In addition to the Frequently Asked Questions provided, we also have helpful videos which will explain how to effectively use your Gift List to make the purchasing experience quick and easy.


Orders are timed to arrive-by the date you specify. Most items ship immediately. However, fruit is always picked at its peak and shipped as soon as it is harvested. Keep in mind that unseasonable weather sometimes affects harvest. When this happens, fruit shipments may be delayed. Our Harvest Report has more information on harvest schedules and shipments.

Express delivery charges are in addition to the Standard Shipping charge. The Standard Shipping charge covers the costs incurred from processing and packaging the order. The Express charges are what we must pay our carrier to deliver the package via Express. To view our Shipping and Processing terms

Gifts that ship via standard delivery will typically arrive within 7 business days. To specify delivery on an exact day, from the "Delivery & Gift message" page, click CHANGE DATE to access the calendar. In the upper right section it asks "Need it on an exact day?" Check the box. Additional express charges will be applicable.

To notify us of an address change, call Customer Service at 1-877-322-1200. Or email us at Be sure to include your old address as well as your new address.

Yes, you may specify a P.O. Box for the destination of your package. However, we recommend shipping to a street address to ensure that your gift arrives in perfect condition.

Most of our nonperishable gifts can be delivered to A.P.O./F.P.O. and International addresses, through U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail/Military Postal. Most of our gifts can be delivered to Canada, through FedEx Express services.

Learn more...

For shipping to these destinations, allow 3 additional days for standard shipping and one additional day for express shipping. View Shipping & Processing charges.

To change the date your gift will arrive, click “Change Date.” A calendar will appear with available shipping options. Use the “Prev” and “Next” arrows to change the month. Choose the date that you would like and click “Apply Date.”

Dates that are shown in grey are not available for that particular gift and delivery address. Dates that are shown in yellow require an additional express shipping charge.


We select ONLY Midwest Grain Fed Beef. We offer only USDA Prime and USDA Choice as well as Certified Angus Beef® brand.

USDA Prime is the highest grade given to a beef animal. Prime beef represents about 2% to 3% of all beef in the United States. USDA Choice is the next highest grade. Always insist on USDA graded beef to ensure that you are receiving the best quality possible. We also carry Certified Angus Beef® brand. Less than 8% of beef can earn this distinctive USDA recognized brand.

Aging, often referred to as "wet aging," is a process in which we allow the meat to naturally age, vacuum sealed in Cryovac within a Climate Controlled Environment for 21-30 days. This allows the meat to marinate in its own juices, and become very tender. That is the difference between a great steak, and a tougher, less flavorful steak, and results in an exceptional quality.

Dry Aging is a technique in which unwrapped cuts of beef are placed in cold coolers to age. The meat is allowed to dry on the outside, creating a hard shell. Dry aging was done before the introduction of Cryovac, a very thick, air-tight, vacuum sealed plastic packaging. Dry aging produces a slight to strong nutty taste which is not always preferred by many.

Place your steaks on a large plate or dish in your refrigerator overnight or approximately one day prior to serving to allow gradually thawing. Do not remove the plastic wrap.

We recommend that you keep your steaks no longer than 4 months for optimum taste and flavor. This does not mean that they are spoiled after that time, and many Customers have let us know that they sty in excellent condition with the same exceptional quality for much longer. Freezer temperatures and humidity levels will cause this to vary.

Yes, the steaks are still good if cold to the touch and may be refrigerated or frozen until you are ready to eat them. If they arrive warm to the touch, do not consume them, and contact Customer Service.

A deep brown color is common when meat is not exposed to oxygen. Once the package is thawed and the meat is re-exposed to air, it will become red again. Your beef should be fine.

Simply preheat your oven, grill, or broiler. Seal in the meat’s natural juices by searing at a high temperature in a saute pan or skillet on your stove top, or on your grill. Then reduce the heat and cook until it reaches the desired level or degree of doneness. We do recommend the use of a meat thermometer to test while cooking.

We highly recommend using a meat thermometer and following the manufacturer’s instructions for use.

No! Cuts and fork holes allow juices to escape, causing the steak to become less tender, dry, and lose flavor. We recommend using a meat thermometer.

Allow approximately 1/4 to 1/3 pound per serving for boneless cuts. Allow 1/2 pound per person for bone-in cuts. Keep in mind that roasts will shrink up to 10% depending on your cooking method, temperature, and oven.

The overall thickness will vary. Our steaks are cut based on weight, not thickness. This is the standard practice of premium beef suppliers worldwide. Due to unique variances in the physical characteristics of each animal, no two steaks are identical in thickness. The weight will determine the overall thickness. We guarantee that you will receive the weight exactly as described, and we supply only USDA Prime, USDA Choice, and Certified Angus Beef® brand.


We are obligated by law to collect sales tax for orders sent to states where we maintain a substantial business presence. Click here for more information about applicable taxes.

When you create your online account, the address you enter into the address form is your Billing Address. If you need a Shipping Address for yourself that is different from your Billing Address, you will need to create a new entry in your Address Book.

There are two easy ways to create a new entry in your address book:

  1. When selecting the recipient of item you wish to purchase, select 'Add New Name' in the dropdown and enter your shipping address.
  2. Login to your account, and add a new address through your Address Book.

You can change your billing address a couple ways. First, during secure checkout, you can edit your billing address on the payment page. The second way is to log in and click "Your Account" where you will see the billing address section.


Unless specifically stated in the offer, our discounts cannot be combined.

The Celebrations Passport program offers you Free Standard Shipping and greatly reduced express charges at not only Harry and David but all our brands, including 1-800-Flowers, Cheryl’s Cookies and more. Valid on online orders as well as phone orders. The annual cost is $29.99. Your one-year membership starts immediately with today’s purchase and the membership fee is fully refundable within 30 days if membership benefits have not been utilized during that 30-day period. The membership has automatic renewal for extra convenience and is cancellable at any time. If you do not wish to auto-renew, email or call 800-993-1192. This program is email-based. You must have a valid email address to enroll.

    Benefits and Exclusions for Harry & David and Wolferman's:
  • Free standard shipping
  • Free 2-day or 3-day shipping
  • Standard overnight for $3.99 (instead of $19.99)
  • Saturday delivery for $12.99 (instead of $24.99)
  • No surcharge for PO Boxes (normally $5.99 per item)
  • No surcharge for Alaska or Hawaii deliveries (normally $9.99 per item)
  • Passport is valid on sale priced items and is valid with discount coupons.
  • Passport is not valid on Clubs, Wine gifts, Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes and dipped fruit gifts.
  • Passport is not valid on business accounts

The Celebrations Passport is an annual membership and when it expires you will automatically be enrolled for another year, unless it is cancelled prior to the expiration. When purchasing Celebrations Passport, using PayPal is not an option on our payment page because auto-renewal is not available; you must enter a bankcard.

On the Review & Place order step of checkout, click the link or plus sign under “Gift Card, Voucher, or Savings Pass” near the top of the page. Enter the gift card or Savings Pass number and pin into the fields that appear and click apply. Your order total will be updated to reflect the gift card or Savings Pass you entered. If the gift card or savings pass value is less than the order total, you must enter the gift card or Savings Pass and click apply first. You may then enter a second form of payment on the same page.